The Greenhouse Nursery in Port Angeles, WA


This site is being constructed during our spare time. ( Or during those times when I should be doing domestic chores. )

If you have not been into the nursery within the past year, we have more than one surprise in store for you.  The photo above is not up to date and we have since expanded (again).  We have many more rows of trees to select from,  an additional greenhouse that doubles your covered area, changed the entry and moved the parking lot.

We are growing more plants ourselves which sets us apart from other nurseries that buy in from giant mass production facilities.  You’ll find things here that you won’t in others.

Long time customers knew that we had child obligations at home and could not have a gang-buster nursery at the same time.  Well, that time in life has passed and all the hours of child rearing have now been diverted and focused on the nursery.  It’s time that we spread our wings and flew, too.  Stop in to see.  We assure you, you won’t be disappointed.

You can contact us via the options on the “Contact Us” page.

If you are inquiring about specific plants, use one of the choices there or stop in to see us.